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Title: Rachel Silva - Livin' A Lie
Time: 2:02 am

Title: Rachel Rabin - Wings Of A Lie (Dig It Up)
Time: 1:58 am

Title: Remfry Dedman - Motown Ain't Big Enough For The Three Of Us
Time: 1:55 am

Title: Nirvana - Rape Me
Time: 1:52 am

Title: Poe - a rose is a rose
Time: 1:48 am

Title: Nonpoint - Bullet with a Name
Time: 1:44 am

Title: Poison - fallen angel
Time: 1:41 am

Title: Rush - YYZ
Time: 1:36 am

Title: Reiter - I Wont Run
Time: 1:33 am

Title: Plastic Barricades - Ballad of a Crash Test Dummy
Time: 1:29 am

Title: PLANK - Wasted
Time: 1:26 am

Title: Saxon - Denim and Leather
Time: 1:21 am

Title: 311 - Jupiter
Time: 1:18 am

Title: Seven Mary Three - First Time Believers
Time: 1:15 am

Title: Aerosmith - Bone To Bone (Coney Island White Fish Boy)
Time: 1:12 am

Title: Kiss - Nothin' To Lose
Time: 1:09 am

Title: Rebel Territory - Falling For You
Time: 1:06 am

Title: Reason For Rumours - Throwing Stones At Passing Cars
Time: 1:02 am

Title: Pearl - Freedom
Time: 12:58 am

Title: Our Lady Peace - Falling
Time: 12:54 am